Bringing communities to life

At Leisuretronics we specialise in building niche communities for people around shared interests. Our flagship site is the core server in the Fave Network, which is a federated group of global servers catering to different communities. Joining the Fave Network means you can discuss any topic and send messages to any users, across the entire network, from a single server or app. Each week we launch new servers which cater to the needs of specific communities. At the moment, new servers cater to popular topics within the following major channels.

Find your perfect community

Fave isn’t just a website, it is a federation of servers — think Star Trek. Different independent communities (like planets) working together to form a coherent network. Being part of one is being part of the whole. Many more communities are launching soon!

Powering a global network of servers, celebrating your favourite topics

With millions of users already part of the fediverse, and more joining every day, Leisuretronics is dedicated to expanding and building the world's largest knowledge sharing platform


1. Research

Based on community feedback and market research, we determine what topics require their own servers.


2. Design

Each server in our network has a custom domain name, logo and mascot, created by our in-house team of designers.


3. Deploy

Our custom deploy script can set up a new server in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Building on the power of open source technologies

What better way to build a network of communities, than by using community powered software?

Leisuretronics is committed to maintaining an open source codebase that anyone can study and contribute to. While most social networks use proprietary code, we want to be transparent with our users and use the power of people to build a fully distributed and robust social network.

Become a Developer?

UI/UX Design

Design Sprints
User Research
Visual Design
Mobile App Design
Tracking & Learning
Building Traction

Web Development


Mobile App Development

React Native
Ionic & Apache Cordova
3D & VR

Let's work together

If you have a strategic partnership proposal in mind, feel free to contact us. At the moment we are not looking for new advertising partners, sorry.

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